Sunday, August 30, 2009

back to school...

HI everyone i know it has been forever since i posted like um a year haha. I just wanted to update you on our life. My camera battery isn't charged so this is a journal entry. I started school again this semester for nursing. Im taking anatomy and physiology. I feel like the oldest person at Dixie College, but at least I don't have a suit case for a back pack and pull it all over campus. I had a girl the other day think I was 21 and when I told her I had three kids she was like, NO WAY. I was LIKE WAY. Im kinda nervous for the classes but the only way your gonna learn is to try, so Im diving neck deep.
I took my dog to the dog pound after he escaped from my yard and bite my neighbor, and then I tried to do the right thing and call an animal rescue and drop him off there but it turned into a huge fiasco. So right now my kid think he is living on a farm in california where he can run free and be happy, so he doesn't get mommy in trouble with the doggy police "animal control". In reality he is a mile away in a gated cubicle awaiting someone to adopt his wild buttt:::

Friday, June 13, 2008

NBA Games and the sister came to town....

This week has been very eventful my sister Jaimee came up from Las Vegas to visit with her three kids. We had so much fun riding the Moped around the neighborhood I died laughing at my sister when she almost crashed it pulling out. You know you feel old when you are afraid to look stupid trying something new. We went swimming and then to Cedar City so my beloved best friend could do her hair. I love Cedar City we went and looked at our old houses and cruised campus and then went and ordered a Hermie burger. OM Gosh.. I can't believe I ordered at 3 teir hamburger with ham on it. I about died...I felt like a ordered a whole cow and it was mooing in my stomach the whole night. Thanks Jaimee for the recommendation. Dont plan on eating for a week. Then last night we had a big NBA game 4 BBQ and listening to men make screaming noises in front of the TV I didn't know existed..WOW..Take it in the room..haha. Sorry no pics sometimes I forget my camera when I am having fun...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Days

So I thought I would let you in on the funny personalities of each of my children. Allana wants to be a ballerina and a wants to be the center stage at all times. I wonder where she learned that from. HMMM. Here is some pics and videos of my little charmers... I really don't like or let Stevie dress up in Girls clothes... In fact my husband will probably kill me, but sometimes he does it when she is dressing up and I don't want to ruin the fun and make everyone cry.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi to all my dear friends whom I have been a very bad blogger. I check all of your blogs every day and finally decided to update my own. To do a small update I am so glad summer is in session. All of my commitments have faded and my calender is surprisingly empty. So for fun we have been swimming, playing outside, cleaning the garage and watching football games. My husband joined the Semi Pro football team in St. George. THE ST GEORGE BLITZ.. It has been fun to watch him, though he has already tore his hamstring, bruised a rib, and almost ruined his knee. He has fun and it has been fun cheering on my man in tights. haha.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!


Oh my gosh if I survive the years that my little man has given from age 0-3 I will be put in a world record book. My little Elijah is so independent, daring, mischevious and has no inhibitions. He isn't scared of repurcutions and doesn't realize his own strength. We have already had one tooth pulled because he almost knocked it out trying to slide in the bathroom in the tube and have had stitches 3 times one on the top of his head and two on his nose. He gets into everything, not once in a while daily. Here is a slide show of his ventures. This morning I found him in the freezer trying to get out waffles before I even got out of bed and he takes a knife and breaks open the child lock on my pantry to get out the pudding. He broke Allana full length mirror in her room on Saturday because he "wanted to slide down it so he put it on the side of the bed and slide down CRACK GLASS EVERYWHERE>" But i love the little man Check out the slide show.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007